President Message

Dear Member,

“Life is full of festival”


To recapitulate, last we met for Deewali get-together. Now aging we are meeting through this medium in New Year. I hereby wish everybody merry Christmas and a great prosperous new year.

GIHED is growing faster and denser, making deep inroads in our industry. We all witnessed in the Deewali gathering. A large number of member were alone with their family to enjoy the festivity.

At GIHED we all discussed and designated task among various committees and they are working on a planned agenda to execute the same with their best efforts. We also divided our city in five zones and each zone is having its own agenda of working and priority of tasks. It is humble step to groom more members for delegation and leaders.

We arranged a seminar on services tax scheme of VCES [Voluntary compliance encouragement schemes]. It was very successful as many members attended and actively participated in discussion also. I am pleased to convey that as a fall out of this seminar, the authorities of service tax came to GIHED office and they addressed the grievances of our members. It is quite remarkable to note down attitude and approach of the gov.dep. and at the same time it is the acceptance and strength of our institute.

We are builders are morally, ethically and legally strong businessman. We are not the speculator but we are fuelling the growth engine of the society.

We are making resolution of New Year!!and that is to form a legal desk or legal cell supported by GIHED to see the disputed matters with the eyes of law and find a way of solutions for the same.

In ordered to strengthen our institute, we are going to start a drive; a campaign for those who have not join GHIED yet. Member is the strength of the association; and active members are the fragrance of the institute. I appeal every member to be active, and your suggestions are always welcome the desk.

Again I wish you great, progress, prosperity and peace in New Year.

Yogesh Bhavsar



Let me share the facts which are published for Ahmedabad reality sector world wide-

The return on investment from the residential property are through rental income in the Tier 1 cities in the India is one of the lowest in the world. If one task into account the capital appreciation the returns surge 20% compounded annually; one of the highest in the world.

ROI for the commercial rental property, Ahmedabad is ranked fifth In the world.


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