Dear GIHED Fellow.

President - Chairman, GIHED

Kindly accept my gratitude for giving me an opportunity to shepherd our Institute as an Officiating President to share my views and vision for the development of our Construction Industry. With satisfaction I am presenting the Annual Report for the year 2014-15.

As we are happy that, one and half year back, under the visionary leadership of our Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi (NDA) Government and at State 1st ever Lady Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel came into power. Afterward both Governments had done well to start the process of laying a solid foundation for economic growth and for this reason every sectors are hopeful that, once again our Indian economy shall growing fast. In addition to this as we witnessed that, Construction Sector always plays key role in fulfilling one of the most important basic need of Home and escalation of several allied Industries are also depending on it. So, National GDP directly connected with our Industrial movement.

We also observed that. there is a huge demand of residential units but also shows deficit in different segments. In ray of this, compare to present supply and demand it’s clearly indicate that, recent trend of property buyer and Industrial growth will boost the demand of various type of Constructions in the Gujarat. Equivalent looking to the silent and speedy growth of Ahmedabad, many Business Enterprises and Corporate of different Industries are diversifying their business in the city and in this context several International Educational Institutes, Auto Trade. Healthcare, Tourism, etc. sector are expanding their Activities in the city.

On other hand, we found that, to fulfill this dream Real Estate Sector need enormous investments and Govt. Support, so that it can regain its earlier high growth and directly boost up the entire economy. Without which it will be difficult to increase the rate of growth of infrastructure and economy. Thus, to make our Cities and the State more livable, our Govt. has started mega projects like Gift City, SIR, Port Development, River Front, BRTS, MEGA, project etc. Now we have a tag for the Smart City. So, looking to the role of private developers our Govt. have given their concert with various innovative avenues and incoming future it shall create new golden corridor.

We must have proud that, since 198O our GIHED represent the construction Industry. For the smooth and swift development in the city we always advocating with all competent authorities, so that citizen can avail quality of life with social, economic & Physical Infrastructure.

To enrich this vision we have arranged the meeting and represented pending issues periodically, which reflect in our activity report.

I also mentioned that, as desired recently our city Ahmedabad is selected under the Smart city Development program by the Central Govt. So, policies and announcement like Redevelopment Policy, Slum Clearance Policy, TDR, TOZ etc. also boost the growth of Real Estate Sector. Thus to provide better qualitative construction and committed performance every developer has to take a lead and update themselves with newly introduced techniques which can save our precious environment for our next gen. and serve better.

On behalf of GIHED and personally, I am thankful to our Hon. Prime Minister. Shri Narendrabhai Modi for considering our city under Smart city criteria. I am grateful to Smt. Anandiben Patel for their visionary action and decision. I also convey my gratitude to all ministers. Concern officers of all Competent Authorities, Designated officials of all Associate Organizations and Institutes and good wishers who have supported GIHED activities. I welcome the visionary support of our seniors and my individual recognition to my Board and committee members. I understand the staff of GIHED who is always enthusiastic to implement every activities of our Institute.

I look forward to continuous your support for the generating a One Environment One World under the crown of GIHED for all members and their families.

Thanking you.

With regards,

Dipak B. Patel

President - Chairman, GIHED